Tuesday, 16 August 2011


bising + memekak + pe2 yg berkenaan lah ~
x ley senyap..
aq nk wat baik bising..
wat bende burok memekak..
pe lah korang nieh..
ok fine aq kekal mcm nieh.. :)
ko ckp i can't &@^^!*! my *@#* *@*&!
so what? ade pkai duet ko ke beli binatang tuh (!)
bising bnyk..kasi tutup mulot ko--->shit~

Monday, 15 August 2011

kawan :)

I have a friend,but i can't mentioned his name here.
I respect he and his girl so much.
Although there's a lot of trouble or other else,they still be together.
One day,i received a bad new from my other friends,they said that he involved in a serious accident..
So i visit him at the hospital and almost cried.
His girl always be beside him and take care of him.
They being togother for a long time.I think for 3 -4 years.
His leg has being cut because of spreading germ.
But he still be strong and accept it as a fate.
I hope he will be in a good condition every day of his life :)
I also pray for their relationship will be last long...

bLOg lama :')


this is my 2nd blog :)

i would like to introduce myself again,my name is MUHAMMAD SHAHRUL AMRY,
i was born on 11th FEB 1996.
im 15th on 11/2/2011.
this year im a PMR candidate.
although my english is not as perfect as yours but im still gonna write my first post in ENGLISH.
for past 2 month,a girl named MAISARAH had make me melted :)
we once met at FACEBOOK and asking for phone number.
so me and her being more closer on the phone.
every day and night we're texting.
so,one day i had linked to her.
i had make a desicion and i believe it is not in vain.
today,we're happy together.
we also promised each other to sucess in our study.