Monday, 15 August 2011

this is my 2nd blog :)

i would like to introduce myself again,my name is MUHAMMAD SHAHRUL AMRY,
i was born on 11th FEB 1996.
im 15th on 11/2/2011.
this year im a PMR candidate.
although my english is not as perfect as yours but im still gonna write my first post in ENGLISH.
for past 2 month,a girl named MAISARAH had make me melted :)
we once met at FACEBOOK and asking for phone number.
so me and her being more closer on the phone.
every day and night we're texting.
so,one day i had linked to her.
i had make a desicion and i believe it is not in vain.
today,we're happy together.
we also promised each other to sucess in our study.

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